Gangs use voodoo in Nigeria sex trade

If she runs away from her life of prostitution, her parents will become sick and die. At least that’s what this Nigerian woman believes. The threatened curse, she claims, was part of a voodoo rite performed in her homeland just weeks before she was brought to Greece by a prostitution ring.”

Idiotic people. They deserve the slavery.

I should elaborate on that. I used to believe in magic and paranormal when I was a teenager. I would read all these stupid books about it, as I am by nature a very curious person about anything out-of-this-world. I didn’t practice any of that crap of course, but I did read a lot and also learned to use cards to “tell the future” (I was told how by the cop boyfriend of my housemate in Corfu where I was studying nursing (yes, I used to be a nurse before studying programming – hospitals are not really for me)). Apparently, my card future-telling was pretty successful among my class mates, they were telling me that whatever I was telling them it was becoming true. Really, I don’t have a way to know if this was the case indeed as, supposedly, telling the cards to yourself doesn’t work.

Anyways, I was into that crap and was also the laughing stock among many of my “friends”. But I didn’t care, “I knew better”. Until one day I had bought that very interesting philosophical/paranormal book and couldn’t wait to go home and read it, I was reading it in the street while walking… 😮

And then I bumped into one person that I shouldn’t have. Another cop that I was crazy for at the time (we are talking 1991 here). 😉

The guy knew that I was crazy about him, but he didn’t really care about me as he was in love with the ex-girlfriend of the guy mentioned above who taught me how to tell the cards but she didn’t care about him (complex situation, I tell ya). He said “Hey, Eugenia, what’s up? What are you reading with such passion over there?”. Oops…

Needless to say when I became the laughing stock for him as well and it was too much to bare this time, I never got into this crap again. I haven’t read the cards since then either. It’s all past. And you know what? Looking back at my teenage life, I can clearly see that all that “magic” crap are just that: useless, stupid crap.

Don’t believe in such stupid things people. Keep an open mind about it from a *scientific* point of view, but if there is nothing scientific about it, discard it.

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