The MDs

Spent all the afternoon watching all 8 episodes of the MDs on my PC today, a medical drama TV series that was short lived in 2002. Apparently it was canceled because of the TV network’s error: they put it against two other medical shows at the same time/day and so it couldn’t withstand the competition. However, watching the series I found one more flaw: the first 3-4 episodes were really good. Then, it became really boring and disconnected. I guess that had something to do with the viewership and the consequent cancelation too…

Oh, yeah, almost forgot… William Fichtner is ultra sexy in the series, playing a divorced heart surgeon with a… Harley Davindson. 😉

In a not so nice note though, I felt sick more than once with that series. They would simulate heart transplant operations and I was that close from throwing up on Fichtner’s face (aka my monitor).

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