RE: Jealousy, Passion, Love, Evolution & Reproduction

My previous post made me remember again something I wrote before in this blog, but I think it’s proper to re-write:

When I was about 14 I asked my mother “what’s our purpose in life” and she replied “to have children of course”. I loathed her for that answer because I always thought that while having a family is fantastic, also acquiring true love, knowledge, social status, be happy, making a better life for yourself in general, should be the priority.

Now, having read parts of that book, made me realize that everything boils down to have more children. We THINK that we are looking for love or work hard to gain social status because of this or that, but in REALITY and without REALIZING it, we do it BECAUSE our nature tries to find more potentially suitable partners to procreate. We are PROGRAMMED to have more and more and more children, because at the end, the species’ survival is what matters.

So, my mother, with just 6 years of school and an innocent & ignorant approach to the world was right from the beginning. And I, a 14 year old geek person with hunger for knowledge and success, was doing it all for the wrong reasons without realizing it (no one is actually, it’s part of nature’s game to be a hidden goal).

Think about how nature works: Men like women with big breasts because they’re more likely to successfully raise children. Men like blondes better because as a blonde woman has babies, her hormone balance changes and her hair darkens (some blondes naturally turn to brunettes after having babies). Therefore a blonde is more likely to not have had babies and so be more healthy/fit for procreation. Such a behavior, supposedly a social behavior, is actually a *geneticaly evolved instinct*.

One of our big problems as a race is that language allows us to change our social habits much faster than we can evolve. Obesity as an example wouldn’t be a problem in many species as it would just get evolved away (we’d evolve mechanisms that prevent us from storing too much fat).

Ah, I wish that nature was more straighforward with humans. Instead of hiding its intentions through complex behaviors and complicate our everyday lives, it should just give us direct commands: have children, have children, have children, have children, have children, have children. Just like animals have direct instincts. They aren’t as intelligent as humans, but who said that intelligence is always a big advantage? We live complicated lives because of it.

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