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My JBQ suggested that I don’t buy a new graphics card but instead get another monitor, one that doesn’t stress the analog part of the card that much (because it would be digital instead of analog and it would run below 75 Hz, as it’s an LCD). So, he suggested the Samsung 213T which is a DVI LCD running at 1600×1200. We should be able to get it for about $750. That will be a few hundrend dollars more than the GeForce (Dell Support suggested to us to go for the high-end GeForce 6800 Ultra if we wanted better… 2D quality), but it’s a better long term investment, as none of us run 3D games anymore, so getting such an expensive card just for 2D is kinda stupid. So, we are going the new-monitor route…

It’s just so laughable how ATi thinks:

1. Let’s make a cheap PCI Express card.

2. Let’s make it slower, to make it clear that this is not a super 3D card.

3. Let’s remove a few other things too in order to make it even cheaper.

This is where they missteped. You see, this card is a good purchase for people who don’t play heavy 3D games. What do users that don’t play 3D games use? TWO-DEE for Christ’s sake! And instead of making the card STRONG in this domain (exactly because the purchasers of this card wouldn’t necessarily be 3D gamers), they fucked it up and made the analog part of the card shitty, using cheap filters that fuzzy the quality in high refresh rates.

Idiots. >:(

As part of OSNews I have some high-profile ATi email addresses on my address book, I am seriously thinking of sending them a ‘good’ email about it and tell that if they don’t get their shit together I will write about it on osnews. Someone might think “hey, you are over-using your power through osnews to make damage to ATi”, but you know what, it’s also my responsibility to let my readers know about the “gotcha” of this product that costs real money. This is a product that delivers WORSE than other five year old products in the specific domain of the 2D quality. It is NOT something that someone would expect from a next generation product. People buy “PCI Express” (and AGPs back when PCI was big) because they EXPECT such defficiencies to not be present in year 2005 (they are easy to fix really, you just need to use better electronics).

Honestly, that was a big blow for me coming from ATi. It’s just not right.

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