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Janice Dickinson’s honesty and I

I watched an one-hour special on the life of ex-supermodel Janice “the bitch” Dickinson. I feel that I have a lot in common with her in terms of personality (no, I don’t look that good :).

Janice is known to be “brutally honest” and to always say what she thinks without sugar-coating her words. I like that raw honesty in her as I am made of the same quality too. At some point in the documentary her daughter says “my mother always says what she thinks” and Janice screamed “yeaaah!”. At that point I realized that she values a lot her right to say exactly what it’s on her mind without trying to be “politically correct” or “soft the edges”. And I feel the exact same way about myself too. When I write articles, I write them _exactly_ as they are formed in my head, I don’t try to make my articles to read good, or be “accepted”. I write them exactly as they come out of me.

And this is where the problem is: most people can’t take that. Most people are expecting others to not sound “rude”, they expect a well-wrapped sentence, a lie essentially, something they can digest easily. Something that doesn’t surprise them and doesn’t destroy their protective wall they’ve built.

I am sorry, but I can’t serve a lie, I never do. And this is why both Janice and myself have the same kind of audience: they either love us and understand us, or they pationately hate us and they hope we will burn in hell. There is no in-between.

Here is someone who understands, a reader’s email I received a few days ago:

Some people are very good at ‘reading the crowd’ and giving them what they want — and at the same time manipulating them and getting them to do what they(the manipulator) wants. I’m not one of these people, and I don’t think you are either. I think maybe you’re too honest with how you feel about things, and people don’t seem too keen on that. Nobody wants to know the truth (because that can be hurtful), they want BS. Take politicians for example — it always seems the most crooked ones get in to power — and the most alarming thing is that people keep voting them in.”

Damn you humans!

Humans are damaging the planet at an unprecedented rate and raising risks of abrupt collapses in nature that could spur disease, deforestation or “dead zones” in the seas, an international report said on Wednesday.”

I have said it many times: we should be less than 1 billion of us. More humans than that can’t be sustained in this planet in a balanced way.

Birth control people, birth control! No more than 1 child per family for the next 50 years or so! Sounds harsh? Who cares? It’s about saving the planet and our very own species. Personal sacrificies must be made.

Mobile Web Development

I just helped out today David (the OSNews owner) to put up some cool demos together (featuring osnews and gnomefiles) for his new company, MoBits.

MoBits is a web design/consultant company he founded that does something unique: they only design sites that target phones, PDAs & TVs (developed in either cHTML, XHTML or WAP — primarily cHTML). These mobile sites are meant to run in parallel to existing desktop sites (that the client might already have) and they are served automatically to the visitor depending on his/her browser’s identification agent string. MoBits will be using some of OSNews’ mobile code I developed over the years to do just that.

Judging by the booming of internet-ready mobile phones lately, the company will hopefully do well. So, good luck to David! 🙂

Bringing back memories

Picture: Tailendese family flees the 8.7 Richter earthquake.

Heh, that reminded me… when I was a kid, the only transportation we had at our home was a Honda CB50 motorcycle. All 4 of us would be on it and go to places. 🙂


So, we were at Reno, NV, for the weekend. We spent our time mostly on the casino-hotel we were staying. It was nice, it’s just that the air was extremely dry because of the air condition and I felt sick quick afterwards. Moreover, I *hate* casinos & gambling in general. All these sad people trying to lose money for no good reason. Stupid.

There were a few good highlights though, like our dinner to a really nice seafood restaurant on Friday evening and the concert of The Ten Tenors. We bought their DVD and they all signed it.

Report: Whitney Houston enters rehab again

A year after her first reported stay in rehab, Whitney Houston has again checked into a rehabilitation facility.

It’s fairly amazing how a Christian girl, a “good” girl someone could say, has fallen into drugs. In the ’80s, when she first became popular, she was not into drugs at all. It all started when she got married to Bobby Brown. I think everyone agrees that this guy needs therapy more than she is.

Dual monitors

Holly cow! This is so awesome!

So, now I have a dual monitor setup, both LCDs:

1. Primary, 1280×1024, 19″. Runs OE, Trillian, WinAMP, others.

2. Secondary, 1200×1600, 21.3″ (vertical mount). It runs Firefox/IE exclusively, maximized.

You can’t believe how cool it is to have OSNews or Slashdot loaded on a 1200×1600 long screen. It’s so much information you can fit in that makes it so awesome!

Here are two pics of my desk: first one shows the screens and my desk with all the junk around it, second one focuses on the screens themselves.

Nokia 3230 might be a good purchase

I don’t have a cell phone. I never had one. My brother gave me his old SonyEricson T310 (or something) a few months ago and I already don’t remember where I’ve put it, as I don’t use it here in US (no phone number chip in it).

I have made a promise to myself to only buy a smartphone in the future, and currently the only smartphone that I am kinda ok with is the MDA-II from T-Mobile which is not even out yet. I want a full PDA functionality in a phone you see and the current solutions are half baked hybrids. The MDA-II seems to be good, but I don’t like its size (for some reason they have a lot of unused space around the 3.5″ inch screen) making the device unessarily large.

So, I found a good compromise: cheap smartphone, but not too bad: it has Bluetooth, Symbian and a 176×208 screen, the Nokia 3230. I know, I have said in the past that I would never buy a crappy Nokia phone (I hate most of their unusable designs with these weird non-standard buttons), but this one seems to not be so bad. More info and shots here:
Apparently it will sell for cheap, for a smartphone.

BT Keyboard, LCD are here

Yeah! My 21″ Samsung LCD is here! Can’t wait to plug it in later!

And before that, I received a new Bluetooth keyboard for my PDA. Will write a review about it in the next few days.

Vatican Comments on Euthanasia

They say the procedure amounts to nothing less than a ruthless way to kill a person.”

I agree. They should kill her the same way they kill the convincts (lethal injection). This way, it’s not ruthless, in fact, it’s painless.