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Goss: North Korea’s nuclear capability grown

Now, here’s a real enemy that can do some real damage instead of the minor crap that Bin Laden and Iraq were capable of.

Problem is, even if UN and US manages to come into terms with North Korea over their dangerous weapons they are building, in 5 or 10 years from now there is going to be another country that will be able to build such weapons. And the same crap will happen all over again.

Solution: Create a single world government and make UN stronger, don’t let any country not be part of it and not obey the *world* rules. Sounds totalitarian? Maybe. But if that’s what gonna take to perserve our species isntead of ending up killing each other, sounds good to me.

Extreme situations call for extreme measures, I am afraid.

Then again, I am a Trekkie, and so not having a single governement and true unification for all of humanity sounds so stupid to me. I am a pacifier, and that can only happen if all humans feel that belong to the same country (“planet”).

Problem is, that there are a lot of people who don’t want to lose their “identity” of being Greek or French. Personally, I don’t give a dime if someone is Turkish, Greek, Iranian, Chinese, Kongonese, French or American. To me, they are all the same, and they should all be feeling like they belong to the same place, any place that might be (“opou gis kai patris” as they say in Greece). Yes, I am the opposite of a chauvinist. I endorse a world democratic governement (and I even endorse a not-so-democratic one, if required, as long as it brings people together and elliminates wars). Preserving our species and planet is more important than “being Greek” or “being French”. People who believe otherwise are not just chauvinistic, they are just not thinking straight. 😛

Bruce Dickinson, the Iron Maiden singer

Mmm… sexy, hairy [hu]man 😉

On other news, here is a recent picture of myself and my husband. 🙂

A death

My mother was telling me on the phone today that my gym teacher that I used to have in high school and later when I was doing some javelin and sprinting when I was a teenager, has died of a car accident.

Thing is, I am not unhappy about this. I can’t say I am “happy”, but I am unable to feel bad about his death.

You see, the guy was very difficult to deal with and we all knew in my village that his wife and kids were unhappy with him too (he was not letting his also-a-gym-teacher wife go out of the house, he was beating her, etc etc).

I just can’t feel sad for him and that’s something that bothers me because I should.

The Grammys

so, I watched some of the Grammys show tonight. Am I getting too old and I can’t “get” this music anymore? I did not like ANY of the songs that were performed there or won a grammy. I quite liked the Janis Joplin song, but I think that was about it.

They don’t make music as they used to anymore.

valentine’s day

We spent Valentine’s day tonight as tomorrow is a working day and we would both be tired by the evening. My beloved husband bought for me a bracelet with real pearls. Isn’t he a real sweetheart? 🙂

No car charger for my Dell PDA though. ;D

Now that I write this btw I am watching Jennipher Lopez with Mark Anthony singing together in the Grammys. It sucks. Extremely kits song and sets. Lopez’ dress sucks too. It makes her look fat (or pregnant.)

web suicide

And so I was reading about this guy who was planning mass-suicide via web cameras. Many of his victims would have been women who had children.

Honestly, I don’t understand what most people are thinking in this world. I am really dissapointed. How is it POSSIBLE any woman, mother and over 20 years old be convinced to commit suicide over the internet?

Are people of this world really so stupid?

But probably the answer is “yes”, and that’s why this world society is still driven by dictators, overly rich people with power or churches. Because most people ARE stupid. They get what they deserve.


I think I might be reverting my Mac browser from Firefox to Camino. It opens new windows faster than Firefox is.

The reason I didn’t use Camino before was because of its tabs which they looked really thin and difficult to click. So, I downloaded their latest build and they have reverted to a safari-style tab look and it’s much better (i had filled a bug report months ago).

However, the current beta has really buggy forms. The combo box support is completely buggered and the textareas are really slow on my 867 Mhz Powerbook (I can see the characters rendering one by one as I type this).

Let’s hope these issues are fixed for 0.8.3 version cause then I will say bye-bye to Firefox, except if they fix a bit their UI speed on the Mac.

Newborn tossed out of car window

A newborn is in serious condition after it was tossed out a car window onto the grass beside a busy street Thursday afternoon, authorities said. The car sped off.

BURN IN HELL FOREVER whoever did this atrocity! >:(

Update: More on the story.

Everyone has the right to love

So, Prince Charles is to wed Camilla. It was about time, he should have done so earlier.

woody allen

I hate Woody Allen films. Yuk.

I prefer to watch 5 Hayden Christensen films in a row than 1 Woody Allen film.