Hardware wishlist

Devices I want to have at some point, ordered by… desire:

1. A powerfull/full-featured PocketPC-based smartphone with an unlimited data service plan (something like this or this).

2. A Mac Mini or a 12″ Powerbook that’s newer than mine.

3. A new PC (I am still using WinXP on a dual 2×533 Mhz) update:done!

4. Non-electronic: An armband for my iPod Mini and a carrying case for my Canon A75 update: the case is done!.

5. A car charger and a 2200 mAh battery for my Dell x50v.

6. A car charger for my Powerbook and PC laptops.

7. Two more Bluetooth USB Class-I dongles. update:done!

8. An internal DVD-+RW drive. update: done!

9. A Zoom Bluetooth 56k modem.

10. A 4-port firewire hub.

11. A USB-2-Infrared FIR dongle.

12. An Archos PMA400 multimedia device.

13. A dock for my iPod mini.

14. Sony’s Bluetooth Memory Stick for two of our Clie (unreasonably expensive accessory).

15. A swivel 1.3 MP CF camera for my PocketPC.

16. An ethernet CF card for my PocketPC.

17. A 56k modem CF card for my PocketPC.

18. A 1 GB USB key or the ARCDisk 4GB Hard Drive USB Key.

19. Serial-2-USB adaptor for my PalmV. update:done!

20. JavoEdge’s Bluetooth keyboard for my Pocket PC. update:done!

Also, a Tungsten-C2 with dual-wireless, host/slave USB port, 128 MB RAM (usable by apps), 520 Mhz, microphone, better keyboard, HiRes/HiRes+ (with the keyboard moving on top like on the Tungsten-T2), dual SD slots and PalmOS 6.1 (this device doesn’t exist btw but I would pay up to $449 if it did :).

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