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My husband was discussing with me my latest blog entry and he noted that if you don’t have internationalized wars, you can have civil wars. That’s true, but USA didn’t have a civil war for 130 years now. If a syndicated system like this can be created for all countries under the UN power, I would be happy about it and I think that most people on other countries would feel the same.

Please note that all this stuff goes together with measures to bring the human population under 1 billion and regulate the human activities on nature.

My husband claims that you can’t do all that without becoming either a communist or a Nazi, but I believe there is always a good and democratic way to achieve all this. Why is it so utopian and out-of-this-world to ask for World Peace, No Poverty, World Unification and taking care of our planet’s plants and animals? As a woman, and as someone who hates wars and pain, I welcome such a major step in our journey of our civilization to mature.

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