Archive for February 12th, 2005

web suicide

And so I was reading about this guy who was planning mass-suicide via web cameras. Many of his victims would have been women who had children.

Honestly, I don’t understand what most people are thinking in this world. I am really dissapointed. How is it POSSIBLE any woman, mother and over 20 years old be convinced to commit suicide over the internet?

Are people of this world really so stupid?

But probably the answer is “yes”, and that’s why this world society is still driven by dictators, overly rich people with power or churches. Because most people ARE stupid. They get what they deserve.


I think I might be reverting my Mac browser from Firefox to Camino. It opens new windows faster than Firefox is.

The reason I didn’t use Camino before was because of its tabs which they looked really thin and difficult to click. So, I downloaded their latest build and they have reverted to a safari-style tab look and it’s much better (i had filled a bug report months ago).

However, the current beta has really buggy forms. The combo box support is completely buggered and the textareas are really slow on my 867 Mhz Powerbook (I can see the characters rendering one by one as I type this).

Let’s hope these issues are fixed for 0.8.3 version cause then I will say bye-bye to Firefox, except if they fix a bit their UI speed on the Mac.