Ultimate PDA and speculation on Tungsten

I posted a thread at AximSite’s forums about what it would be the “ultimate PDA” today.

For two hundrend bucks I would also buy a supposed Tungsten E2, with the following specs (in parenthesis please find the comparison to the current T|E):

208 Mhz Intel PXA (new, current is a TI 126 Mhz)

64 MB RAM (new, current has 32 MB)

SD/SDIO/MMC slot (same as now)

320×320 color TFT (same but w/ optional backlight)

line-out, speaker (same as now)

microphone (new)

better IrDA SIR (current has only 0.5 meters range)

Multi-Connector (new, current uses mini-usb)

1000 mAh/4 hrs battery (current is 850 mAh)

PalmOS 5.4.1 (new, current uses 5.2.1)

Suggested retail price: $199

Most important feature: keep the same body! The current T|E design is both functional and good-looking!

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