On my “journalistic” hobby

I started “working” voluntarily on a new web site. I am helping some friends with their Linux mobile site.

I am pretty excited about this project, but I think that I spread myself thin among that site, NewMobileComputing, GnomeFiles and OSNews. Too much work, to be justified as a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun…

As for OSNews.com, we are now at around 185,000 pageviews per day, down from about 204,000 a few months ago. The reasons for this are:
1. The damn RSS feeds. Now that we give away the full teaser the people don’t bother to visit the site.
2. I don’t do much work on OSNews anymore, meaning that I don’t write many reviews, I don’t do interviews and when we have originals, I don’t go to web sites to submit the news as I used to.

I am fed up with this daily work, so I tried to lay back a bit the last few months and only do the minimal required to keep the site alive. And this shows on our statistics (we are still No2 behind Slashdot though on the alternative OS scene sites, but NewsForge is closing on us dangerously).

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