I saw Bill Gates today

Just came back from a conference in the Computer History Museum building (just outside the SGI campus). Bill Gates was the main speaker and people were able to pose questions to him. Unfortunately time was restricted and so I
couldn’t pose my question in time. I got to see him really close though, about 5 metres away. He seems to have lost weight. 🙂

Anyways, he is a really clever man with a very broad and clear vision and with the right humor each time. Chief Software Architect is what he should be doing (and that’s what he is doing actually at MS).

A small tidbit: when Gates finished the answer to a question, the guy from ITmanager’s Journal who asked the question, made an ugly grimace full of suspicion and dissaproval. I found this extremely unprofessional and ugly by him. He obviously had no respect for the guest speaker and he seemed to be pretty fanatic about his beliefs (ITManagersJournal.com is owned by OSDN, as Slashdot is).

Through OSNews I was blessed and lucky to have met (except Bill Gates) Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds, Miguel de Icaza and some others. I respect them all, because they are where they are today because they have the right brains. I don’t think I would ever do a grimace of disbelief/disrespect to any of them in public (probably on a one-to-one I would bitch and moan about bad things on their products/businesses, but not in front of the public).

I wrote about the conference here.

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