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Regarding abortions again

Here’s another case someone pointed out at me, about the abortion situation I discussed the other day:

Should a woman go through 9 months of pregnacy, a labor and a life with a child that she got through a rape?

IMHO, she shouldn’t have to. Yes, she can always leave the child in foster homes if she doesn’t want it (which is of course not a good idea and the child will end up like his “father” most likely), but why does the woman has to go through a painful labor and 10+ months of her time? Just because some of some jerks with no respect for other people?

So yeah, there are more cases where any woman should be allowed to have a choice.

Sex and Love: two different things

I am flat-out against ‘relationships’ that involve more than two people. I believe that exclusivity is a good thing on a relationship, it creates indimacy that makes people more comfortable with each other.

The reason I write this is because this ‘multi-person relationship’ is the case with an old friend of mine and his fiance (which I will keep anonymous of course). The guy was virgin almost until he was 26 (nerd and all), and when he finally got laid, all hell broke lose (libido over-production? ;). The guy now is turned on primarily with two women in his bed, and his fiancee is a bisexual, so she endorses the idea.

You can argue that “as long both agree on doing this, what’s your problem?”. Well, my problem is not the act itself, they are free to do whatever they want of course, my problem is when they call the act “love, between three people”.

Sorry, but I don’t buy this claim and that’s the reason why I write about it on my blog. What they do is raw sex, not love (and that’s absolutely fine of course). But I don’t buy that claim that ‘this is love’ when it involves more than two people (granded, there are many ways of loving someone). And I don’t believe that “my understanding of love is limited”. But I do believe that people can create their own distortion fields around them, just so they feel safe and comfortable with their own choices.

My friend, if you do love that third person, as per your claims, and you end up having sex/love with her the same way you do to your fiancee (at the same time, no less), why the hell don’t you get engaged to her too? You can change your religion if Christianity is your problem in doing so (and you currently pass yourself as a devoted Christian to others (!)).

Sure, people sometimes get a bit attracted to other people every now and then, at workplace or in their social circle, it’s only natural after all, but that doesn’t mean that they have to fuck these people in the first opportunity. When you are with someone, you are with that someone and you need to keep it clean. That’s how relationships that last are built: friendship, trust & devotion. If you can’t keep it that way, don’t get engaged/married.

Personally, when I am with someone, I give him my 100%, and I expect the same from him too (and yes, I am very lucky to have such a great husband).

That’s my opinion. Yeah, call me old fashioned. I certainly am.

Fucking Spamming bastards

Woke up this morning, just to be greeted with about 600-800 emails on my personal account that were all “Mail System Error – Returned Mail”. Apparently, a spam house have configured their spam engine to have a return address at “random-word”@eugenia and so I receive a gazillion returned emails from their spamming efforts.

I have already called the company, but the webmaster wasn’t there, I was asked to call tomororw again. Tomorrow, he will have to fix it, or he will have to end up in jail.

New Gnome Theme

I am trying to get people to work on a modern, new, gnome default theme. Let’s hope that someone will get interested in bringing gnome to the next level, at least regarding its looks (and some usability).

More info and mockup here.

RE: America’s Next Top Model this year

I am already in talks with UPN’s PR dpt to get an interview with Yaya soon, for… OSNews. Yaya is a top model, but I would like to do an interview that would marry technology and girlie things. I owe it to myself, at least, living the life of a geek for so long… 🙂

Turkey set for EU row on adultery

If Turkey wants to join the EU, they better put their act together and act like the modern Muslim nation that they are, instead of doing backward steps regarding the individual liberties.

However, the situation begs the question: is adultery a civil crime that must be punished with jail (in Turkey) or death (in some Islamic regimes)?

In my opinion, if marriage is a civil contract with official and legal nature that explicity prohibits adultery, then yes, it is a crime. If marriage is a “personal” contract between two people that happens to have some official value via a semi-meaningless paper, then no, adultery is not a civil crime and the two parties should be free to fuck whoever they want (which is unfortunate of course, as I am pretty old-fashioned myself, but objectively-speaking, this liberty should exist).

In other words, the whole thing is a lot about how you interpret the law and how the law works in general, and less about “religion” and “honor” (even if that’s what it really is for many people — but that should not be the case for the government which should seek the answer in its legal system and not in to religion). If the governemnt is going to put you in jail for something you did, your “crime” must have legal ground, not religious one.

UPDATE: Good for them.

America’s Next Top Model this year

Camara “Yaya” Da Costa Johnson should win this year’s competition. She is really pretty, nice body, and it has many of Tyra’s own characteristics.

On Nokia phones

Nokia reveals 7260, 7270, 7280 hat trick…

Nokia, all they do for their small/middle range is releasing the SAME phone over and over, just with new shells and new model names. And don’t let me start on the nokia phone keyboards, which while LOOK nice, they are fucked up usability-wise.

I have zero respect for Nokia for doing this, instead of putting its ass down and do some research and EVOLVE their product lines as one would expect.

I can tell you right now, I will never buy a Nokia phone. They are going after the flaboyant, easy money, instead of OFFERING something to the industry and to the technology (and thus to the society).

Worst thing a Greek politician has to endure…

…is to have to wear long sleeve suits during the super hot greek summer. Yuk!

Powell calls Sudan killings genocide

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday that “genocide has been committed” in the Sudanese region of Darfur. Powell cited a “consistent and widespread” pattern of atrocities — including killings, rapes and burning of villages. “This was a coordinated effort, not just random violence,” he said.

Honestly, I don’t understand this kind of violence in *many places* in Africa! I mean, there are a lot of little countries down there that they are so divided and they fight, and they fight and they fight… forever.

WAKE UP AFRICA. Stop pissing me off with your STUPIDITY. No other continent has so much violence concentrated in civil wars and such! Education people, education! And food, of course. Full stomachs create less violence.