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Study: Women may beat men in sprint by 2156

Sorry, but this is just not humanly possible.

If it is, it means that genetical engineering has taken over sports and that’s just not “normal”. On the other hand, nature itselfs mutates, so if nature does it, why humans aren’t allowed to do so?

Here’s another of these complicated matters that aren’t black or white. And it’s a matter that will be discussed a lot in the few coming years.

Star Wars VI: The return of the Jedi

I got the special edition DVDs of Star Wars and the quality is very good. I got to watch the episodes 5 and 6 today. I wouldn’t expect this, but I got into tears at the end of episode 6. They have changed the final scene over the original, and so next to the ghosts of Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi you could see Anakin Skywalker (the actor Christiansen that is, not the original Vader actor). This was so touchy to see the Anakin *we know* next to other Jedis, reunited.

Before I move to Linux….

I have learned using Linux pretty well the last few years (using Linux on and off since 1998), but if I am to switch from Windows XP (which I must say it’s very stable and does what I want to do), I need the following, in this order:

1. A *reliable* graphical FTP client. gFTP is buggy and it’s not maintained anymore, Nautilus vfs doesn’t cut it, and KBear looks like ass.

2. Windows Media & QuickTime. Sorry, but I need my regular dosage of movie trailers. Real Player works on Linux, but I need QT and WMV/WMA too (and don’t suggest the windows-codecs package for use with VLC/Xine/Mplayer and their browser plugins, these are a joke, they hardly work with what’s out there).

3. Video support for AIM/iChat, Y! & MSN. I have three webcams here, I gotta use them.

4. Better PalmOS and PocketPC synchronization software that work with the latest models and software (I got a new Clie). More compatible Bluetooth clients for use with smartphones wouldn’t be bad either.

5. A good home video editor. Kino is close, but still not there yet, plus it’s easily crashable.

6. A simpler interface for Gimp. Something like PaintShopPro’s. Trying to do some basic image editing with Gimp is a nightmare. PSP’s (and even Photoshop’s) interface are extremely intuitive, Gimp’s is simply not.

That’s it.

Desktop experiement for geeks

I am on a geek desktop experiement of my own: I installed Arch Linux 0.7pre and put in it X11 and XFce4. The idea is to not install ANY app that require KDE or Gnome and see if the desktop experience is full, or if some important things are missing.

In the experiement is ok to use GTK and Qt apps, just not core Gnome and KDE libraries and apps. For example, Opera is ok, Mozilla is ok, Dillo is ok, Bluefish is ok, Skype is ok, but Nautilus, EVolution, KMail, Konqueror and anything that requires the core kde/gnome libs are out.

So far, I have a pretty usable desktop, even if I miss a number of apps. In fact, I don’t think I miss anything important from my daily usage routine! There are apps for everything!

Hint: I use Fox 1.3.12 with AA fonts and XFe as my file manager. Works ok so far, it’s just that the MIME types don’t work great.

Bill Gates gets a 4% pay raise

Bill Gates got a 4% pay raise.

Gates and Ballmer are getting paid “only” 900,000 USD per year. That’s all they get (except their shares). No, it’s not much for the kind of position they have in the industry.

Steve Jobs gets $116 MILLION per year off Apple’s pocket and this excludes the shares (don’t believe the hype about the $1 pay — that’s old).

The Price of Things

IM conversation between myself and my husband, JBQ, about the new 16.7 megapixel Canon EOS-1Ds MARK-II SLR camera which costs $8000:

jbqueru: The new one has almost the same pixel size as the 10D, but in a sensor that’s 2.5 times larger in area.

eugenia_loli: want it?

jbqueru: Let me see. It’s built solidly enough to survive a fall from a truck. So if one falls from a truck I’ll use it.

eugenia_loli: 🙂 🙂

jbqueru: Or if a pack of 80 $100 bills falls from a truck, I’ll swap 😀


At last, I slept a full night for once and I feel much better. I woke up at 2 PM.

Had a nice evening

Went for sushi at in Mountain View, came back, watched the “Butterfly Effect” Director’s cut. Great movie.

Firefox/Thunderbird are Getting Really Mature

It’s official.

I have switched to Firefox/Thunderbird on all my Unix-y OSes. This, comes in the expense of Epiphany/Evolution mostly…

On Windows, I still have to use IE, because this problem is still not fixed after all these *years* (it seems to be triggered by a Windows setting). If that bug was to be fixed (makes *any* XUL app unusable, including Thunderbird), I would abandon IE most likely.

Additionally I have to continue use OE on Windows, because I am a customer of Hotmail since 1996 (*before* Microsoft bought it) and so it’s my main email account and I don’t plan to switch ’cause everyone knows that email address (although I also use my gmail and osnews accounts). With OE, I have some great hotmail integration, and I don’t plan to let this go away (the Mac hotmail plugin for OSX’s Mail sucks big time btw, buggy as hell).

On the Mac side, I would have gone fully on Firefox/Thunderbird too, but now it’s Safari/Thunderbird, because Safari scrolls and resizes its windows way faster than any other Mac browser. So Safari it is, because of its Apple-optimized Aqua speed.

Gifts and Salaries

My baby got a salary raise at work this week, we celebrated with champagne. He got drunk that night, he was funny. 🙂

Our wedding anniversary is soon too, I want to buy JBQ a good lense or a $500 tripod for his (too many) cameras. I don’t think that he would enjoy anything else…

(And in return, I just want the mere StarWars DVD that comes out next week (wink, wink ;-))