Is Greece really that small, or a coincidence?

As I wrote a few days ago, I grew up just a few kms away from the village that Katerina Thanou greek sprinter is from (and i have met her parents and grantparents, but not herself).

Today, Athanasia Tzoumeleka took the gold in 20 Km Walk in Olympics. What’s weird is that I have met her and her parents (she is from Preveza, the capital of the district of 35,000 people that I am coming from). In fact, her father is a good friend of my father’s and they have collaborated at work in the past.

I _remember_ my mother telling me YEARS ago (when Athanasia was still a young teenager and promising greek champion for under 18 years olds) how her father supported her and helped her with her training in any way he could and how proud he was of her. Back then, Athanasia was doing 3,000 Km running IIRC, but she now seems to have changed to 20km Walk (didn’t know that).

So, out of the biggest athletics names in Greece, I have some sort of connection with two of them. Is Greece really that small, or is this just a coincidence? Makes you wonder. đŸ˜€

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