The Return of the Cube

I used the Apple Cube today, after many months (it switches on and off all by itself so I was avoiding it on purpose).

So, I updated it to the latest apps and 10.3.4 and it works well (apart of the common Cube hardware problem of auto-switching on/off, it didn’t do it today though).

I like the Cube. It has its problems, for example the DVD drive won’t read any DVD+ or – disks burned at home, it has no audio in/out/mic inputs, it only has 2 USB connectors while it comes with 3 USB devices (the speakers need powered USB, they won’t work when connected through the keyboard). Also, the original card was a 16 MB ATi Rage card which I replaced with a GeForce 2MX 32 MB AGP and so now I have QuartzExtreme support. But the biggest problem of the cube is its default SLOW-SLOW-SLOW hard drive. It is a 20 GB Maxtor (I still curse Apple for using that particular drive) and when I put an 80 GB disk in there for a week last year, the OS was OBVIOUSLY much more responsive. I am thinking of buying a new drive and put it in there and move Cube’s 20 GB on a Linux machine somewhere (I have a Duron 1.3 GHz and an AthlonXP 1600+).

What I love from the 450 Mhz Cube (1 MB L3) is that it runs multimedia better and faster than my *dual* Celeron 533 Mhz (2×128 KB L2) and XP which is still my main machine (it works extremely stable for what I do, no reason to upgrade it). Doing normal things in the Cube like resizing windows or scrolling is still a pain in the a$$ though and it takes away an otherwise great media/visual performance.

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