I have written a number of reviews in my life, but this one is different.

It is about my “colan”, a kind of trousers that athletes wear when exercising. Basically, my mother bought this colan for me in 1988, for 4,000 greek drachmas. 16 years later it is LIKE NEW. And I do wear it at least 2 days a week, the whole day. This is the only piece of clothing that I have it being so old and look like it was bought yesterday. The black color is still there as it was back then, and it fits exactly right. I don’t know how this thing was actually made, but it feels like it was made of steel, it’s in an amazing shape. 😮

The reason I write this is because I still remember my mother being unhappy buying me that, because it was too expensive back then (about $12, but that was a lot of money in the Greece of the ’80s). However, its quality paid off by being the most reliable piece of cloth I have ever seen. As my JBQ says, “there is a reason why I prefer to pay more for keytronic keyboards and logitech mice”. Same for other things in our lives, apparently. You get what you pay for.

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