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Hotmail now blocks users from using it within Outlook Express. 🙁
Hotmail is still my main account, I use it since 1996, long before Microsoft purchased it.

So, we had to buy the service now, $20 per year. 🙁

TH-55 and modems

Today I received a 56k modem for my PalmV, at a whopping $4 US. 🙂

However, my new TH55 doesn’t have a modem accessory available to buy. I could buy an extermal bluetooth modem, but stupid SONY released the TH55 in USA without Bluetooth!! (everywhere else in the world the TH55 comes with both Bluetooth and WiFi).

So, in order to connect to a bluetooth modem I would need to get a bluetooth memory stick. Bad luck, Sony does not sell anymore the bluetooth memory stick they released in 2001, which is actually pretty long and it doesn’t fit anyway on the TH55 (the TH55’s memory stick slot is different, it has a cap that closes the stick in it). No one else does bluetooth on memory sticks (plus you would need to remove your storage memory stick in order to use Bluetooth.)

I would personally prefer a mini-modem addon using TH55’s mini-USB port, but there is no such accessory.

And all this crap just because SONY could not pass the FCC tests for both Bluetooth and WiFi in US. 🙁

This means that I can’t get my PDA in Europe and use it with the local ISPs. I would need to get my powerbook, but I would so much more prefer to get the PDA, because it has a very capable web browser and an email application (and a digital camera).

Stupid Sony. 🙁

On the other hand, the Tungsten T3 has the opposite problem: it has Bluetooth but PalmOne and SanDisk were not able to create a WiFi SDIO card (there were technical problems, they did try to do so).

The other solution is to buy the TH55’s USB-to-Serial cable and buy a normal hardware external 56k modem. Problem with the new modems is though, some of them are win/softmodems and these won’t work with any PDA. It is important to know what you buy, and shops don’t always give you that information because they assume you buy such an external modem to use with Windows, where Windows supports all kinds of modems. Blah.