Overclocked my PDA

Hehe, I am really a true geek, am I not? 😉

I overclocked an old “Palm V” PDA I got around. From 16Mhz all the way to 28 Mhz! Speed is really noticable on apps like AvantGo (scrolling a web page is so much faster) and Bejewled which also runs faster!

Additionally, I did some research to find how I can connect it to the net. Apparently you can either buy the PalmV 33.6kpbs modem (which is also a craddle) for $4 (yes, four bucks) or you can use an IrDA & Data-Enabled mobile phone (it should be able to send AT commands like *some* Nokia/SonyEricsson phones do) to dial through it! You can even send/receive faxes with it!

The only problem this Palm V has is that it only has 2 MB of memory (not upgradable) and that its screen is not backlit, other than that is great!

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