I am bored. Outside is raining, JBQ and his parents are out for shopping, and I am here at home dealing with some osnews matters.

I read about the earthquake in Iran, and I am amazed to see 25,000+ people die off a 6.3 Richter earthquake. Just a few days ago we had a 6.4 here in California (just 2 dead), while I have seen a 7.1 (about 40-50 dead) in my days in Greece too. My point is that earthquake countries should have laws as how to build houses (as US does). Most houses in third world countries are made of mud (cheaper this way) and so in medium severance earthquakes they fall like leaves killing everyone in them. The UN should ask these countries to enforce laws on requirements of house building, even if it would be more expensive for people.

When my father built his house in Greece in 1989 he preffered to not spend the money to sound isolation tools but to spend that money to build the house safer, and I think it has paid off by seeing other houses around us getting holes on earthquakes and ours standing still without a single hitch (yet 🙂

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