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Home cleaning up and my hatred towards ironing

My parents-in-law and brothers-in-law are coming for Christmas, so I am in the obligatory house-clean mode. I quite enjoy cleaning up the house (my favorite is cleaning up the kitchen), however from all the “housewife jobs” the one I can’t bear at all and hate the most, is ironing.

A few months ago I did some soul-searching to discover *why* I hate ironing so much. I think I have found the answer: It is this attention to detail that makes me hate it. There is no “half-ironed” shirt, it is either perfectly ironed or it is not ironed at all. This is how ironing is “perceived”, and I just can’t bear giving all my attention to something so useless in life such as “cloth beautifying”. It’s just stupid.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mind having ironed clothes, in fact I like it a lot (especially when going out), but I just don’t wanna be the one who spends hours to this useless kind of “perfection”. It brings nothing to the world, or to my spiritual life. I don’t care what others think anyway.

This is why I always buy clothes that don’t need ironing, however there are a few cases every year that I would need to iron JBQ’s shirts. And I am not good at it. Neither I want to become good at it, I find any kind of specialization into ironing, revolting.