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I am bored. Outside is raining, JBQ and his parents are out for shopping, and I am here at home dealing with some osnews matters.

I read about the earthquake in Iran, and I am amazed to see 25,000+ people die off a 6.3 Richter earthquake. Just a few days ago we had a 6.4 here in California (just 2 dead), while I have seen a 7.1 (about 40-50 dead) in my days in Greece too. My point is that earthquake countries should have laws as how to build houses (as US does). Most houses in third world countries are made of mud (cheaper this way) and so in medium severance earthquakes they fall like leaves killing everyone in them. The UN should ask these countries to enforce laws on requirements of house building, even if it would be more expensive for people.

When my father built his house in Greece in 1989 he preffered to not spend the money to sound isolation tools but to spend that money to build the house safer, and I think it has paid off by seeing other houses around us getting holes on earthquakes and ours standing still without a single hitch (yet 🙂

meal was good

The turkey was perfectly done, and everyone enjoyed the meal. I even got through to call in Greece to my parents. 🙂

can’t phone Greece

On another note, I can’t phone my family in Greece to wish them merry christmas. All the lines to Greece are busy. 🙁

A big turkey

My husband’s family are all here, 7 people in our 2-bedroom apartment. 😉 They were pretty tired from the trip last night so we didn’t have a huge dinner.

I am currently cooking a big turkey. It is my first cooking of the whole bird (of course I have cooked parts in the past), let’s hope it will be done ok. I am having some ideas for some gravy too.

Our first plate will be smoked salmon with lemon, second the turkey with whole mushrooms & greek style oven potatoes and gravy. Then some green salad (french people don’t have the salad in the begining of the meal usually), then some cheeze and then the Black Forest cake.

I am sure it will be a delightful Christmas lunch. 🙂

Home cleaning up and my hatred towards ironing

My parents-in-law and brothers-in-law are coming for Christmas, so I am in the obligatory house-clean mode. I quite enjoy cleaning up the house (my favorite is cleaning up the kitchen), however from all the “housewife jobs” the one I can’t bear at all and hate the most, is ironing.

A few months ago I did some soul-searching to discover *why* I hate ironing so much. I think I have found the answer: It is this attention to detail that makes me hate it. There is no “half-ironed” shirt, it is either perfectly ironed or it is not ironed at all. This is how ironing is “perceived”, and I just can’t bear giving all my attention to something so useless in life such as “cloth beautifying”. It’s just stupid.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mind having ironed clothes, in fact I like it a lot (especially when going out), but I just don’t wanna be the one who spends hours to this useless kind of “perfection”. It brings nothing to the world, or to my spiritual life. I don’t care what others think anyway.

This is why I always buy clothes that don’t need ironing, however there are a few cases every year that I would need to iron JBQ’s shirts. And I am not good at it. Neither I want to become good at it, I find any kind of specialization into ironing, revolting.

X-men 2

Watched X-men2 on DVD tonight. Yeah, baby! Really nice movie! And NightCrawler simply rocks!!

My husband on the front page of LinuxWorld

I have been featured on 3 magazines so far that I know of: twice on UK’s PCPlus in 1999, on Sweden’s MikroDatorn this month and a greek magazine in 2000, among other mentionings elsewhere that I probably don’t know of. 😉

Now my beloved husband is being featured in a front page of a well-known magazine. He is the guy with the beard on the front page of February’s LinuxWorld Magazine in USA. Check it out here. Congrats JBQ! 🙂

Ettore’s death

I don’t know why I got so sad in the news of Ettore’s death last night (Ximian employee, Gnome developer).

We had a small email exchange in the past about stuff, but that was all. I didn’t know the man. But I got deeply moved and sadden by his death for some reason. I remember seeing pictures of him in many Gnome events, giving speeches or having fun in the bar with the rest of the gnomers. I guess that by seeing normal people in pictures and read their emails on lists and elsewhere, they grow on you after a while, even if you never knew them personally.