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sound cards and G4 Cubes

It comes a time in the lifetime of a Mac Cube user that he/she will need his/her Line-In, Line-Out or Microphone-in jacks…

I needed today a way to direct my iSight sound and microphone to my headset (headphones and mic, all-in-one) instead of using iSight’s built-in microphone and the external USB Apple Pro speakers. You see, the problem is that the person on the other side of the Video chat hears his own voice twice, because the external speakers echo inside the iSight’s microphone (which is placed on top of my CRT monitor).

What I needed in my G4 Cube was a line-out and a mic-in to use my headset instead, which won’t have this “echo” effect for the video chat user on the other side. But to my dismay, the Cube doesn’t have either line-in, line-out or Mic-in. You can just connect USB speakers and that’s it. The Apple PRO speakers come with a headphone jack, but still, there is no way to have a Mic-in. 🙁

For the first time since I got the Cube a year ago, I hit a limitation of what I can do with that machine, in the way I wanted to… Well, ok, the other limitation was that I had to find a replacement for its ATi Rage PRO graphics card last year, as the Rage series didn’t support Quartz Extreme. A good angel inside nVidia sent me an nvidia GeForce2MX 32 MB AGP card and so I now have QE on my Cube.

Now, I guess, I will have to buy this USB microphone device to get over this limitation I hit today: e2.html or this e.html
but I am not sure if it will work as I need it to. You see, that Cube only has 2 full-powered USB ports, and they are both used by my Apple PRO speakers and my keyboard. The Apple keyboard has 2 additional USB ports, one used by the mouse, but the Apple PRO speakers won’t work via the second keyboard USB port because they require more power than that. I hope the iVoice/II can work via a USB low power hub. They cost about $40 bucks.