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Terrible day today. We were running from San Mateo to San Francisco to Oakland to take care of some fucked up IRS problems. 🙁

The moral of the story: If you are married, you can have tax decuction. You don’t get that deduction if your spouse doesn’t have an SSN. Too bad that I am not allowed to have an SSN and no one told us that I needed to apply for an SSN-alike number, called ITIN.

And if all that crap was not enough, we went to IRS office to San Fransisco and we were not allowed in because we didn’t have US passports. JBQ was really pissed off and shouted about “discrimination against foreigners”. In other words, you can’t have an ITIN without getting in that building and getting one, and but you can’t get in because only allow US citizens in. That’s why we had then to drive to Oakland and try another IRS office… And we are still not done yet. 🙁