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F*cking NeXT Luck [Cursed]

Good news and terribly bad news.

Good news: The NeXT machine is here (I had to stay out in the road and literally wait for the UPS truck, which was [again] heading for the office instead of the apartment). Anyways, the machine is here now and the driver “heard” it from his manager.

Really bad news: The hard drive is dead (thank the stupid UPS for that!!). I am getting a new one.

Fucking UPS/Fedex

Fucking-fucking-fucking UPS bastards. Fucking retards. I am so fucking pissed off right now.

The NeXT STATION was supposed to be here yesterday already, and they keep updating their web site on my tracking number saying “RECEIVER NOT IN ON 1ST DELIVERY ATTEMPT” for two days now.

I WAS IN ALL DAY WAITING FOR YOU, you incompeted idiots! And yes, my fucking bell works, but you prefer to not ring it??? And yes, I double checked it, the address you have is correct.