Stuff and wars in general

We had some good time last night. A few friends came over and played board games.

Today, is the tax day, JBQ will have to spend the day taking care of the tax stuff..

Other than that, not much is happening. I am just a bit unsettled with world peace. USA is undermining world peace by doing whatever the hell they want and not listening to NATO and UN. It is like saying ” we are the strongest and you can all go to hell and we will do what ever we want”. Just doesn’t look good for any of the other countries. I thought that the first and second world war have taught valuable lessons to the humanity, but it seems that this generation of politicians haven’t learned their lesson, as they haven’t lived through misery.

And speaking as a woman, I would NEVER say to my sons “I am so proud of you for fighting for our country”. It is like saying “I gave a very painful birth to you after carrying you for nine months, and watched you grow up, and now you can go and kill yourselves because these wanker politicians don’t have a fucking clue how to maintain the thing that they were elected for: peace and prosperity.”

I maintain the opinion that we pay taxes to pay these politicians out there and make sure that the country has prosperity and peace. A war is absolutely banal, anachronistic and wrong (however very profitable too, and that’s why there are still wars). A government that goes into war and endagers the lives of its young people, should be taken immediately out of power. This is the humanitarian point of view: if a politician can’t maintain peace (especially in the cases where he/she initiates a war), should be removed from power.

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