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Christmas shopping

Well, I am certainly not like other women..
You know wome(e)n… They spend a lot of time shopping, getting new clothes all the time and the like…

So, today we did our Christmas shopping and i finished shopping gifts for the whole family in Greece (including uncles/aunts and cousins), in 1 hour and 10 minutes. 🙂

JBQ was amazed that I am so speedy doing something that he would expect it would take me all day… 😀

I am not sure what I will buy for my JBQ for Christmas though! However, JBQ is thinking of buying me this, but I find it really expensive, especially at a time that I am trying to get away from computers.

In the next few months, we are thinking of getting a Huyndai Elantra car for me… we will see… I am always a bit tight regarding money. Not a big spender. 😀


So, for ThanksGiving we went at our friend’s, Daniel, place, and we had excellent time and dinner! There were 11 people I think, and we had some really intelligent discussions (e.g. Imperial vs metric system, warp travel and other such 🙂
Daniel and Patrice have a great dog, Echo! Echo is so intelligent, it is amazing! 🙂
Very late at night, everyone started playing board games, while I was sleeping… in the couch. 😀

On other news, JBQ still sleeps this morning (2:30 PM), and he has a bucket next to him just in case he need to throw up (he already did so earlier :)! I told him to not drink wine, but he never listens! He only drinks very periodically, so he is not accustomed to it. But when he does, he is always sick the next day. I don’t understand why he continues doing it!
(I never drink btw, I don’t like alcohol)

Life and OSNews

Not much happened this weekend. I tried to find a tape recorder that hooks on the phone line, and the one I found at Frys that did what I wanted to, had all its boxes returned by customers. That is probably the only product I have seen stored in the shelves of a big shop, having all its boxes returned… Hmmmm… I did not buy it of course.

Other than that, we did buy the DVD Season 5 of Star Trek: The Next Generation series and we watched 3-4 episodes already, in a better quality than the one you see on TV (compression rate was still high though). It seems that my JBQ starts to really become a TNG fan! “The Inner Light” episode of TNG is probably their best ever.

Yesterday we went to the museum of art of San Jose and they had some interesting stuff there, while other stuff were crappy IMO. 😛
(note: I am not too fond of post-modern art)

My JBQ continues to paint his two projects, Pacman and Space Invaders. I am sure he will post pictures on his weblog after he have them finished and put them on our wall. 🙂

On another note, I decided to withdraw from OSNews and the OS/geek scene in general. I need to find time for myself. OSNews takes 99% of my time every day, especially now that it is so successful, making it really not a pleasurable hobby anymore (I am not getting paid for my work on osnews as you might know).

I need to have lots of room to breath and have time to do the things I want to do: do some exercise, go out more, watch TV, cook nice meals for my husband, take care of the house, learn French, read the 4th Harry Potter book…

I love OSNews, it has been the primary thing I was doing for 1.5 years now, and it is weird that I will be leaving OSNews at a time that it is most successful than ever (almost 3 million page views per month).

I have a backlog of 5-6 longer articles to write as promised to several individuals, but after I do that and come back from Europe in January, OSNews will be a very occasional thing for me, writing only 1-2 articles per month and NOT participating in the everyday process of gathering newsbits around the web and posting them. At that point, I won’t be giving away more than 5 hours per month for OSNews. Today, it is 15 hours a day. Last night I finished my upcoming Lindows 3.0 review at 05:23 AM in the morning. Can’t take this anymore. OSNews will have to be history for me, or I will have to be history.

Last night

We had some (Be-related 🙂 good friends coming last night for dinner. We had plans to watch Lord of the Rings (extended version) on DVD, but they all decided to play board games instead.
I would play along too, but I am not confident at all at these games. I know that in most northern countries families are gathering around on winter and playing monopoly, chess and other board games, but I am coming from a country that winter is not around for too long, so we almost never played board games on my house. We played cards some times, a very few times chess and a kind of chinese checkers. But that was many-many years ago (around when I was 10 to 14 years old). Most of the time we were out of the house, playing outside. It is funny to see such differences in culture, really.
The other day I cooked a whole roast chicken. In Greece, we eat all parts of the chicken meat. JBQ would only eat the breasts. When the next day I showed him that we would eat the rest of the chicken, JBQ said that he does not know how to eat that! :o)
He does like and eat American spicy chicken wings though. 😀
But yes, my point is the difference in such very small things from country to country that surface when you share your life with a person rom a different part of the world. There are a lot of such issues, laughable some times, some times not so.

On other news, I miss my village. I miss the ability to go out, look around me and see all these immense mountains, listen to the river running, climb our olive trees… I don’t think I ever really “left” that place… My parents do not live there anymore, they have moved to a town, just 20 Khm away, but this village is where I would like to be.

Power Cut and little fish

Oh well… I wrote about it here.


Went to wax museum today, sucked goats. Really bad one. The Madam Tusseaud’s in London is 100 times better. Don’t spend that $13 to get to the San Francisco one, save it to fly to London.

Yesterday we were lucky to find and buy a crandle for my (second hand) Palm V. I was now able to download some games and AvantGO for it. 🙂

Spent the night tonight watching the Apollo 13 movie. Seen it years ago, but it is a pretty nice movie.

Not much…

Not much is happening. My arm hurts for some reason since yesterday, I just feel it “heavy”. Dunno what’s wrong. I guess I am just getting older.

Other than that, I am bored to death and I am not very motivated to do any real work for osnews. I think I need to get back to Europe. This “do nothing” job over here in US is killing me.

At least my baby has a nice hobby these days that he enjoys (painting) and a job that can keep him busy.