Saturday we had 4 people coming in for dinner, we had a great time, lots of good food, and good discussions and laughs. JBQ drank a bit too much, and when he drinks, my baby becomes a little bird that talks and talks, and talks… He was telling us about the different kinds of cheeses in France. 😉

I had this weird dream last night, right?
I was supposedly living with a japanese couple, kinda like renting a room to their house or something. And I was supposedly a hardware engineer, and had created a webpad-like TV, that could receive satelite tv channels without the sattelite dish or unscrabler. hehe…
Problem was that Apple wanted to steal the idea, so me and the japanese guy went “undercover” at Apple, disquised as cleaners, to learn more about their dubious plans. But Steve Jobs’ men caught us in the act, so we were shown before him at his office to explain ourselves. His office was supposedly outside, in the wild… And then, two big birds were flying by and Jobs got a big gun to hunt the birds. I started waving my hands to make the birds go away, so he wouldn’t shoot them. You don’t want to know what happened afterwards…

I know that I have weird dreams, but some times, they are _really_ weird… 😉

Today, we went to the cinema to watch Austin Powers, pretty fun. On the way back, I had a big nap, 1.5 hours (but didn’t really dream anything :). I was feeling exhausted for some reason… Tonight we watched two more movies on the cable TV, I liked the second one better…

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