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not alone

JBQ’s mother, Mireille, is with us for two weeks, and we are having some good times all together.
Not too much time for OSNews lately.. and I have to finish a software review soon enough, cause its license expires on 31st of August… 😮


I found it!! I found my favorite dance song that I was searching for more than six years!!!
Yes! ‘FireWalker’ by TuttiFrutti. /me is happy! 🙂

This weekend…

We did not do much. I bought a (piss poor) digital camera at Frys on Saturday, really shitty quality at 640×480. It was only for $70 though.
Yesterday we went to see XXX, the movie. Funny stuff… 😛

While I was chatting to my brother online this morning, I had the DJ Eurodance online radio station playing on my WinAmp. And then… they played that song: FireWalker from TuttiFrutti.
This was my favorite dance song back in the mid ’90s. When my brother was a DJ in the local club in the town I grew up, I was always asking him to play it. But I personally did not have the song on a cassette or a CD. Years went by, I forgot the name of the group and song name, but I was always remembering how much I loved that song. I could only remember that it had something to do “fire”… And they played the song today!! I grabbeed the song name and group name and tried to find information about it on the web, but to no avail!! There were only 1-2 instances talking about it. Of course, I then tried KaZaA Lite. Could not find it there either! This is such a rare song to have. But it is so good…
If someone reads this that have this song, please let me know. I would pay up to $40 to get it on either CD or mp3 at 128 Kbps+.

This song brings me back so many memories…

The last few days

So, we found one more fish (it was hiding somewhere), so it was “only” 2 fish dead.

On sunday we went to see “Signs”, a pretty bizarre movie.

Yesterday, Jill from came for lunch, we had good time chatting and stuff. 🙂

Yesterday I also received a GeForce2MX 32 MB for my Cube G4 Macintosh. Someone, that I will not name as per his request, sent me this card free of charge, so I can write a more accurate review of MAcOSX 10.2 Jaguar. Thank you so much anonymous. 🙂
Now, with QuartzExtreme enabled, OSX 10.2 feels even faster, but its UI is still not as fast and responsive as WindowsXP on a similar machine.

Dead fish

My JBQ bought 13 fish today, for his new fishtank in our office room. One died some hours later, it seems that it broke something in it, from the way it was swimming. Two more fish are missing, now. Sniff… poor little fish. :’-(


Not much is happening, JBQ is _extremely_ busy at work, so even I don’t see him as much as I would like to. But this week, I met Jill from and we went together to LinuxWorld. I missed a couple of people I wanted to meet, but other than that, it was great. I wrote about it here.

Today I upgraded to OSX Jaguar 10.2. I might write a review about it. It is indeed visibly faster, but not by a whole lot.

boring weekend

My JBQ needs to work this weekend… So, I will be at home watching TV this weekend… Hmm… At least I hope we can make it and go to LinuxWorld for a day or something… We will see…


Saturday we had 4 people coming in for dinner, we had a great time, lots of good food, and good discussions and laughs. JBQ drank a bit too much, and when he drinks, my baby becomes a little bird that talks and talks, and talks… He was telling us about the different kinds of cheeses in France. 😉

I had this weird dream last night, right?
I was supposedly living with a japanese couple, kinda like renting a room to their house or something. And I was supposedly a hardware engineer, and had created a webpad-like TV, that could receive satelite tv channels without the sattelite dish or unscrabler. hehe…
Problem was that Apple wanted to steal the idea, so me and the japanese guy went “undercover” at Apple, disquised as cleaners, to learn more about their dubious plans. But Steve Jobs’ men caught us in the act, so we were shown before him at his office to explain ourselves. His office was supposedly outside, in the wild… And then, two big birds were flying by and Jobs got a big gun to hunt the birds. I started waving my hands to make the birds go away, so he wouldn’t shoot them. You don’t want to know what happened afterwards…

I know that I have weird dreams, but some times, they are _really_ weird… 😉

Today, we went to the cinema to watch Austin Powers, pretty fun. On the way back, I had a big nap, 1.5 hours (but didn’t really dream anything :). I was feeling exhausted for some reason… Tonight we watched two more movies on the cable TV, I liked the second one better…

Quartz Extreme not 100% backwards compatible

We went to the Apple store tonight, and then we went for some sushi…

A big bad surprise awaited me at the Apple store.
So, they had the new 17″ iMac there, which had Jaguar 10.2 in it. Naturally, I wanted to test Quartz Extreme. So, everything seemed just a bit better, but still, not _that_ responsive. Then I thought to take a look to the game I ported 2 weeks ago (LBreakout2). I downloaded it, installed it on the iMac (without the people in the store see me ;), and then launched it. The game was unplayable under 10.2. It runs perfectly everywhere when the OS is 10.1.x, but under Jaguar 10.2, the windowed mode is unplayably slow on the 800 Mhz iMac. I switched to the full screen mode, and the speed came back!! So, in windowed mode Apple has introduced this incompatibility with QE, while when in fullscreen, it is fine…

Let’s see what the SDL porters will do in the future to fix the issue… I will try to recompile the game again when and if I buy the new version of OSX, but I don’t think that a simple recompilation will fix the issue here. It is a real backwards compatibility issue…

not much…

Not much is happening.. I need to review a few books, but I feel a bit too hot to start reading again…
We went to dinner with Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, the other day, we had really good time, talking geek stuff etc. Then, I saw Brad on TV today, he was on TechTV’s ScreenSavers. It is weird to see someone you know on TV… :o)

In other news, I am helping debugging Allegro 4.1.0 for BeOS, and trying to figure out how to fix a transparency issue on LBreakout2 under OSX. The game’s background transparency works fine on all OSes, except OSX…