Archive for July 21st, 2002

Life… again

Ah, life is good… most of the time. 🙂
JBQ has just recovered from a mild cold/allergy kind of thing he had for 3 days, and we now spend quite some time together. We went to Fry’s yesterday, bought a new network switch for our laptops, we ate at Chevy’s, went see some fish (JBQ wants to use his big fish tank again and populate it with some amazonian fish) and then we watched the french movie “Amelie” on DVD.
Today, we watched golf on TV (I find it pretty boring, but my baby loves it :), JBQ cooked some grilled beef and he is right now taking his usual weekend nap.
We will spend the whole evening playing the two games we bought yesterday, “Hare and Tortoise” and another one that I can’t remember how to spell it… My point?

Life is good… 🙂