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Weekend: Boring… nothing really exciting happened.
Monday: full of flaming on osnews. Problems with one of the products that I am trying to review…
Life: today, it sucks.

Need more interesting email… :o)

Friday? Saturday?

Wow, I lost track of time! I woke up this morning and I was 100% sure that it was Friday! I was going to prepare some breakfast for JBQ and get him ready to go to work. Then JBQ asked me what we would like to do today… I asked back “what, aren’t you going to work today? :o”

Well it sucks when you lose track of time, really. I spent the last 3 days infront of MacOSX trying to make a game port. I got into such horrible library dependancy hell that it literally took most of my time to get out of it! And then I lost track of time…

Hacking code too much is dangerous…
But the game will be available on today for download. 🙂

Life… again

Ah, life is good… most of the time. 🙂
JBQ has just recovered from a mild cold/allergy kind of thing he had for 3 days, and we now spend quite some time together. We went to Fry’s yesterday, bought a new network switch for our laptops, we ate at Chevy’s, went see some fish (JBQ wants to use his big fish tank again and populate it with some amazonian fish) and then we watched the french movie “Amelie” on DVD.
Today, we watched golf on TV (I find it pretty boring, but my baby loves it :), JBQ cooked some grilled beef and he is right now taking his usual weekend nap.
We will spend the whole evening playing the two games we bought yesterday, “Hare and Tortoise” and another one that I can’t remember how to spell it… My point?

Life is good… 🙂

People again…

How many complete dorks are around in this world? I am really astonished (yes, I am pissed because of some osnews matters again)! There is so much stupidity in this world, no wonder we are still governed by idiots (I am talking generally about all the countries in this planet).

I don’t know…
I really do not feel that I fit in this cursed planet. Not that I am much more intelligent (I am not), but when I see all this stupidity around me and recognize it as stupidity, it just disgusts me.

Ignorance is bliss my friends. Trust me.


Boring day today… JBQ is still sleeping for the afternoon siesta… as he mostly does on weekends… 🙂

We might go to cinema tonight and watch The Bourne Identity. Not sure yet…

I am preparing another GUI article for osnews… not sure when it will be ready. I just have a few mockups so far.


We watched Pulp Fiction last night. Scaaary… 😮

I am a big fan of Warcraft II’s music, so we bought the Warcraft III: Collector’s Edtition, in order to get hold of the audio CD. This time, the music is really below par. Dissapointed… 🙁


What a perfect weekend we had with JBQ. 🙂
We went to eat on a mexican restaurant yesterday and on a Greek yesterday, we went to Fry’s to buy the new WarCraft III: Collector’s Edition and yet another PS2 game and then watched Star Trek on DVD, while today we went to an open concert in SF with the orchestra of SF. Good stuff…

I am a big fan of WarCraft II’s music, but I was dissapointed by the music in WarCraft III. It is not nearly as melodic as in the previous game…


We went to see MIB II last night and we had a nice dinner at Chillie’s before that. MIB was a good film, but not excellent. What was excellent was the mini-animated film running before the movie. It was fun! 🙂

4th of July

So, we went to the lake Medocino yesterday. Three hours to get there and three hours to come back.
We walked on the beach, had some cold drinks and food with us, and we had some… philosophical discussions among others… 🙂
We came back at 7:30 PM.

Last night I wanted to watch a movie with JBQ (I like watching TV with him) but he wanted to watch the fireworks on TV instead. That was boring… 😀


Some people are so idiotic. Granted, I can not understand politics or chemistry, but I am not universally stupid.
Some people are. And they have even gone to a university. What do they teach over there these days? >:(