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The DVD player

We never received the freaking dvd player from the online store we ordered, as they were not able to verify our shipping address, while it works fine with other retailers. 😛

So, we decided to buy it at Fry’s, even at the much more expensive price of $225 USD. We went to the Palo Alto Fry’s and we were caught in a surprise seeing that the player now had a price of $119 USD! Philips is trying to get rid of it, as they now have a newer model. But this (progressive-capable) player is a really good one and for that price, it definately even justifies to buy one for yourself and one for mom and dad.

Of course, we were not the only ones understanding this, so the player had sold out when we went there at the evening.

We asked if the Sunnyvale Fry’s had any in stock, and they told us that they have 20 of them in stock. We get in the Camaro, we drove fast over there, and we found out that this Fry’s forgot to add the big label of “SALE” to the item, so no one knew that the price was now $119. So, this is why it hasn’t been sold out!
So, we got it, we went to have a nice dinner at Chevy’s, came back home, put it online and watched Harry Potter and almost half of the Phantome Menace.

Quality is great! We are really happy of the home theatre we built. We spent less than $2300 USD on it, which is a bargain considering the parts that it is consisted of! We were very lucky to find these parts in very good prices.

Oh, did I mention that we were able to play European DVDs with it? 😉

The TV was able to display them too… 😮