Moving, cleanup

We spent most of the day helping our friend Daniel moving to his new house. The move went very smooth.

On the way back home we stopped at Fry’s and bought again some DVDs, PS2 games and my baby bought for me a CD-RW. I never had a burner before. I will be installing it on the AthlonXP 1600+ machine that MicroTel PCs send me a month ago. I need to also install my Yamaha Digital-XG sound card (the mobo comes with an AC97 anyway), the 512 MB additional DDR RAM we bought for my birthday last month and a different graphics card than the onboard SavagePRO+. I have an Asus GeForce2 MX400 32MB (which I bought because it was supposedly supported by Mac G4 Cube out of the box, but it didn’t) and a Matrox G400 MAX Dualhead 32 MB.
Personally, I want to install the Matrox on that box, because the G400 works with any operating system under the sun, while nVidia has withheld spec information from QNX, BeOS etc. Also, it is a pain to configure correctly an nVidia card under Linux or FreeBSD, especially for 3D. Therefore, that card is a no-go for me, for my everyday machine which has a number of OSes in it.

Problem is, that I haven’t seen the Matrox G400 card around since we moved houses last September! I looked at many places in the house, and some boxes full of hardware, but I haven’t found it yet. 🙁

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