Star Wars Vs Star Trek

I was always a big fan of Star Trek (and still I am), but there is something that I always liked in Star Wars much more than in Star Trek:

The alien characters.

In Star Trek 95% of the characters are all humanoid, extremely human-alike. I do not like that because it does not make any sense, apart from the fact that the protagonists can… mate with these aliens ‘easier’. It is stupid, really. I prefer a more… “realistic” fantasy, aliens that have nothing in common with us. That is what real exploration is, which is the main theme in Star Trek. Star Wars is a Knight Saga of Good and Evil, and it still manages to get that part right.

Last Wednesday I watched that new ST:Enterprise episode where captain Archer is in Risa, the holiday planet, (obviously) for vacations. And he meets that beautiful humanoid woman, and they get closer to each other (but not too close). Now, that woman supposedly had never seen a human from Earth before. However, she manages to have an Earth dog. Where the hell did she find that (obviously) Earth dog?

Also, in the ST:Insurrection movie, the Bakoo race had goats and llamas. Bakoo is a completely strange planet, a planet that had never seen humans before. Plus, the Bakoo are 100% human alike, which also does not made any sense.

No matter how much I do like Star Trek, things like that are just laughable.

We are going to watch the new SW movie sometime next-next week, where most of the noise would have calmed down.

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