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Linux. A real pain in the butt

I’ll tell you this. Linux is a pain in the butt.

Gentoo has so many problems, with the most important one being that so many .ebuilds (“source packages” that a python script downloads and builds for you) are going live for public consumption with no testing. I am very unhappy about this and I will report it to my Gentoo review on Monday. I had problems with several packages, most notably KOffice 1.1.1 (just doesn’t work when KDE 3 is installed before KDE2-libs), cdparanoia (they have managed to create its libraries with unresolved symbols), XFCE not called with the right binary and a bunch of other problems etc etc.

Gentoo has a very costumized kernel, specially modified for absolute speed, and if you have an 686 PC, all your compilations will be specifically towards the appropriate gcc flags, brining more speed to your builds.

Problem is that a lot of things are not exactly as advertised or as they supposed to work. I am under Gentoo since Friday, day in, day out. It makes me wonder, does speed is a good justification for a system that proves to be a real pain in the butt when using it?

And when I say “speed”, do not think anything extraordinary. FreeBSD 4.5 kicks Gentoo’s a$$ in everything. X/KDE? loading time? shutdown time? FreeBSD is just ahead, with NO extra optimizations ANYWHERE in the system. Just the stock i386 release.

And this is why I say “Linux is a pain in the butt” and not say “Gentoo Linux is a pain in the butt”. At the end of the day is the whole mindset and status quo of the whole GNU/Linux thing, kernel and surrounding apps. It’s just not there yet.

If you want a firewall or a web server or a donkey-job cluster, or a proxy, sure go ahead and install Linux. As long as you try to use it as a workstation though, it just fails. And the reason of failure, IMNSHO, is the lack of a central command that can take real decisions about the real problems and that can make sure everyone will follow the new guidelines for user’s good. Linux is an open source SOUP. Everyone does what ever they want. You can’t go far away with anarchy (sorry, “Freedom”), especially when we are talking about technology matters, where DISCIPLINE and follow of the specs is IMPERATIVE.

Oh, it is Freedom though. I am now going to create an Autoconf2 to address the problems of this stupid thing called autoconf which creates so unreadable script code and makefiles that makes the (otherwise great) “make” language look like shit. Oh, and I am also going to create (yet) another protocol for copy/paste under X. And maybe another gui toolkit, based on FreePascal this time. PLEASE, give me a break.

You ain’t gonna take Microsoft Windows down with that shit.