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Star Trek Convention in SF

So, today we gone to the Star Trek convention in San Fransisco with JBQ. We’ve seen some interesting people in the stage, I particularly liked the producer or Godzilla, Stargate and Independence Day and the funny actor appeared with him. Also delightful on the stage were John Billingsley and Dominic Keating who play Dr Phlox and Cmdr Reed respectivelty, on the new ST series, Enterprise. We did not stay to see Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda captain) and Michelle Nichols (Uhura) though, as we got a bit tired after 4 hours being there.

Then, we went downstairs in the building and we saw about 10-12 more actors signing autographs. I got an autograph from the actor who plays Itcheb on Voyager. Also the Ferengi Nog from DS9 was there, and also actors from Farscape, Babylon5 and even Galactica were there. We even saw a young actor who played the “bad” guy in one of the Enterprise episodes last year. Among the older actors there, there were the two female Romulan commanders who played on the original ST and on DS9, and also the two actresses who played Kirk’s Yoeman and Checov’s girlfriend in some ST episodes.

Which brings me to today’s point. I mean, I have never been in a convention before, neither I have met another actor in my life. I have met 2-3 well known athletes, but that’s it, when it comes to “celebrities”.

So, when I saw them not invited to the stage, but left downstairs behind a table with lots of their pictures layed on, asking to purchase their $20 USD autograph, just didn’t feel right. I mean, come on. How much money did they make all day? No more than $1000, and we should not forget that they come from L.A., which will need them to pay for food and sleep.

Also, people will pass by and they will say to their partner: “hey, look, XXX from Voyager is here! Do you remember him/her? He/she was on that episode…”

As JBQ very correctly said, it was similar to being in a zoo and shouting: “Look ma! A big lion!”

After we’ve been to that room with the autographs, we really felt like leaving, I personally really felt sorry for some of these actors. I know that some actually enjoyed it, but most of them, just wanted to go home. It was so obvious. Especially him. And I don’t blame him one bit. That place was like a zoo.

On another matter, yesterday I promised to give information about how KDE/X runs on Gentoo. Please read here for more information about the performance on Gentoo on my box, compared to other distros.