Bad phone lines

It seems that there is no way that everything can just be “perfect” in this world. So, our “new” office is just perfect. It is spacious and stuff. However, the 40-year old phone line on this particular room is defective!!! It results to randomly drop the line when you connect with the modem. Excellent. NOT. I am writting this and I am not sure if the line will be dropped at any minute. >:(

As for the bedroom, is definately more silent now. I can still hear “creeek” when people are walking upstairs or when they open their closets and stuff, but at least we do not have to put up with their showers and water pipe noises too.
So, we made it to “Good Guys”, checked out the prices for the HDTVs and we also bought lots of audio CDs. We bought Tool, System of a Down, Pat Benatar, U2, Deep Purple and a DVD with Cure. We then got with the Camaro up to the hills and we watched the Bay while we were hearing the Tool. And surprisingly, a beautiful deer, was walking in front of our stopped car. It was such a nice deer. I love these animals.

Last night we went to Mings, the restaurant in Palo Alto and had my favorite: Yang Chow fried rice. mmm… šŸ˜€

JB hates asian, but he really liked the beef he ordered.

When we came back home we watched “The Negotiator” on DVD (we are using the PS2 as a DVD playback). Kevin Spacey is so God darn sexy… (he is NOT “beautiful” (in fact, he is kinda ugly) but at the same time he is incredibly charming and attractive). This picture of him is now serving as my background image on my laptop.

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